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United States
I'm Alisha(pro. Aleesha). I live in a family of 8 with a cat.

I like to watch anime(Precure, Ojamajo Doremi, Haruhi Suzumiya, Lucky Star, Hanamaru Kindergarten, Toradora, Oreimo, Mahou Shoujo Madoka, Chobits, Kaichou wa Maid Sama, Mayo Chiki, Yuru Yuri, K-On, Zero no Tsukaima, Mayoi Neko Overrun, Cardcaptors, Sailor Moon, Powerpuff Girls Z and sometimes Digimon and Pokemon), draw(that's why I joined), go on computer, the colors pink,black,red,and white and my kitty Sandy.
I don't like my stupid siblings(the ones younger than me), pasta salad(pasta should not be cold), when ppl try to talk to me about their feelings(cause i have no idea what to say), chocolate icing, chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream, and chocolate donuts,(i only like chocolate candy, Hershey's Reese's etc.) dooms day related stuff(i don't wanna know when the world will end. it should be a surprise), the TV schedule on weekends(there's never anything on whether you have cable or not) lack of attention, too much attention and probably some other stuff.

I realized that i liked drawing cause when i was younger i used to write stories and i figured that i liked drawing the illustrations rather than writing the words and also i lost the ability to make good stories. But I hope I get it back, I kinda have a bit of ideas for my characters I made up(Butterfly Rose, Super Rainbow Girls, Strawberra, Cocoa and Friends

Journal History

The long anticipated Sonic game has finally came out (everywhere but north America). But unfortunately I live in the US and I don't own a WiiU so I can only talk about the cutscenes off of some random guy's playthrough Hooray! We finally get to find out about the Deadly Sins (oops, 'six') that Sega's been shoving down our throats. They're so cool looking and mysterious. I wonder what the Zeti are; where they come from and what's their purpose? I guess we'll find out soon enough.
The story of the game is Sonic and Tails are lured to Lost Hex by Eggman and he has an evil machine he uses to steal some of Earth energy to power his robots. The six Zeti he enslaved are released when Sonic kicks his Magic Spongebob Conch away and it's never seen again nor do any know where it came from. The Zeti decide to hijack Eggmans energy stealing machine and steal ALL of Earth energy to fuel themselves. Causing Amy and Knuckles to slowly die. Sonic and Tails have to team up with Eggman' cause he's the only one (supposedly) who can stop the machine. And of course they argue like rebellious teenagers do with their uptight parents. 'Cause this is the first time they worked together for the world's benefit *cough Adventure 2 & Heroes cough*. In the end Sonic kills the Deadly Six, giving Eggman time to sneak off and use the stolen energy to power his Nega Wisp Death Egg Robot (Rehashing FTW!). Sonic obviously defeats Eggman and the world is saved. 

The story sucks big time. Remember those questions I and many others had about the Deadly Six? They're never answered. That made me so upset. Why would they bring up these mystery characters just to throw them away? They have no motivation at all, just silly stereotypes (skilled old man, fashionista, fat stupid dude, emo, mentally insane, and cruel leader dude). In the end they just die. They don't say any final goodbyes, nor does anyone ever speak of them again. Fans can do better than that in no time. Read this: The Deadly Six are the last of their kind and they want to strengthen themselves with Earth energy so that they'll live longer and prevent the extinction of the Zeti. Pretty simple, but no they're just evil' cause they were just in the mood. Instead they had to come up with a half assed reason to make Eggman the final boss and make a bunch of jokes. Also the wisps are back! Why? 'Cause fuck you that's why! They're existence on Lost Hex is never explained either. We don't even see Yacker return. 

The dialog is also pretty random. Sonic would be like: "We got to work together to save the world... Ima take a shower after all this." Huh? Was I supposed to laugh here, I don't get it. Also The writers try to be a little edgy by mentioning death and torture, but it doesn't really fit since the rest of the dialog is cheesy. A hate how Sonic and Tails are shocked to hear Eggman giving the Deadly Six death threats when he threatened to turn Tails into mincemeat in SA1. Inconsistency at its best folks! 

There are a few good things about the story. The some of the jokes are kinda funny, Eggman is mature and taken seriously, and Amy isn't a crazy psycho. Besides the recycled footage of the energy sucking machine,  the cutscenes are amazing to look at. Also the voice acting is good. I loved the tone in Sonic's voice when he thought all his friends maybe dead.

The main reason this story is terrible is the lack of explanation, which is also one of the main reasons Sonic 06 had a bad story. The magic Spongebob conch shell isn't explained,  the Zeti aren't explained, Lost Hex isn't explained, the wisps aren't explained,  nothing is explained. Also inconsistency is a major problem. The dialog can be random and the story doesn't match up with the previous games. It had so , uch potential to be next greatest Sonic story after SA2. Those idiot writers from Happy Tree Friends still don't know what the hell they're doing and need to be replaced. All they do is write jokes when they should be focusing on character development. Sega should have used better writers,  like Pendleton Ward, JC Quintel, or the writers of the adventure games and 06 (06?! Le gasp!) since they actually take the time to develop the new characters amd be comical at the same time. 

Yeeesh! This was a pretty long rant/review.  Sorry about that. I just needed to get this off my chest. I can't tell my friends and family at home since they'll assume I have a mental disorder for liking Sonic related stuff even though the newer games were meant to appeal to old timers (80s kids). Talk to you guys later. 

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love your art darling!~

Hi! I just want to thank you for the favs on my Sonic fan artworks :iconlovesplatplz:

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You could +watch me if you like my art :) (Smile)
Have a llama!
Thanks for the fav on my pic of Sonic and Blaze.

Those are two of my favorite characters. You know I had to go the extra mile to get those two looking good. ^^
Bria248 Aug 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the fav!!!
Happy Day of your Birth! :dance:
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Happy Birthday.
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